yoonhoo_yonminsoo A fellow father from Dad, Where Are You Going? formed an anti-cafe against the 8-year-old son of singer Yoon Min Soo, Yoon Hoo. An anti-fan cafe is “a cafe where people who hate Yoon Hoo can converse,” and is members-only. It currently has about 270 members. Actor Lee Jong Hyuk, aka Junsu's father, expressed his anger via Twitter when he tweeted, "A Yoon Hoo anti-cafe. To an angel-like Yoon Hoo. The person who established the cafe better show himself. And Yoon Min Soo, don't worry about it." As the popularity of the show Dad, Where Are You Going? rises, so have the negative views on the show. The anti-cafe against Yoon Hoo described itself as, "A meeting of those who disapprove of Yoon Hoo, but it is also a cafe for communication and recreation." And as a response to the anti-cafe, Yoon Min Soo commented that he has no plans on taking legal action just yet. However, he asked the members to refrain from extreme actions and if things become uncontrollable, he will take the necessary actions. All information regarding the cafe is available to members only. (Source: Nate)