[caption id="attachment_27712" align="alignleft" width="333" caption="Kim Jae Wook"][/caption] The weekend soap Life Is Beautiful has been raising hackles among certain groups since it began airing this spring for its positive portrayal of a gay relationship. The latest public attack, however, has inspired one of Korea's first out entertainers, TV personality Hong Seok Cheon, to fight back via Twitter--and many fans are supporting him. Wednesday, a group described as "mothers worried about the future" bought ad space in the Chosun Journal to declare that "If my son becomes gay and dies from AIDS after watching Life Is Beautiful, SBS must take responsibility!" Later that day, Hong poked fun at the hysterical message, but went on to say that the paper was irresponsible to print an ad that "not only demolished the human rights of gays but of AIDS patients as well." He followed up with thanks to the many people who wrote him to show their support. Kwon Sang Woo made his first public appearance this week since being charged for a hit-and-run accident, apologizing for the incident and simultaneously plugging his new drama Daemul. In a somewhat elusive statement, he said he almost considered pulling out of the drama, but decided to accept the role of a gigolo who helps Ko Hyun Jung's character in her campaign to become Korea's first female president because he is "an actor who is known to many people." Mary Stayed Out All Night's Kim Jae Wook rocks some pretty cool frames in a new eyewear photoshoot for the glasses boutique ALO--check him out here. Perhaps those rumors about the top-secret final episode gave My Girlfriend is a Gumiho an extra shot of intrigue--the last show of the quirky Hong Sisters fantasy scored its best ratings ever, just shy of 20%. Also grabbing a big hunk of viewership, Rain's new action comedy Runaway Plan B is off to a great start, winning the Wednesday-Thursday time slots with its first two episodes. Behind-the-scenes shots from the series were heavy on the man candy, causing fans to pine, "It would be nice if all the pilots in the world looked like (Daniel Henney)." For his part, Rain announced at a press conference for Runaway that he foresees entering mandatory military service sometime next year. Another star is having a trickier time dealing with Korea's customary army enlistment for young men. 2PM's Taecyeon reportedly received a failing physical examination, allowing him to skip enlistment. Fans are understandably skeptical, since the idol would have to have serious physical limitations to qualify, including extremely poor eyesight or a mental disability. Complicating matters (or clarifying them) is the fact that Taecyeon was born in Korea but moved to the States, where he returns every 6 months to maintain his green card status. Becoming a full US citizen or entering Korea's military would force him to essentially choose between his two countries, or deal with the thorny intricacies of US-Korean dual citizenship. It's bedtime for Uhm Tae Woong and Seo Woo in a new photo series featuring the stars in their pajamas and a very comfortable-looking bed. And finally, arranged-by-TV couple Nichkhun and Victoria welcomed their four "daughters" on We Got Married. That is, the other members of f(x), who call Victoria Big Mother. Kind of creeping me out.