Hello, my name is Rosie, and I am an International KFan. If you're reading this post right now, chances are you're one of them too. A disconnected body used to parroting a similarly constructed speech of why you love and closely follow the entertainment industry of another country, in a language you can't understand. And other than that small thrill of pride – and the countless hours we spend on the internet watching our favorite shows and devouring our favorite music – what do we have to show for it!? In America, unless you live in or near the major hubbubs of the East and West Coast, you get nothing.

That’s why, when it came down for the 2nd annual KCON convention in Los Angeles this year, I groaned and sighed, and told my Texan self, “Rosie, don’t cry. Someday, you’ll be able to go and see Kpop first hand. Some day.”

First it started with EXO, then 2am, then f(x). Already the line-up was looking cooler than last year.

Groan level: Noooo… I don’t really have to see them to make my life complete… though it would be awfully fun…

Then they added Teen Top.

Groan level: Omggggg! My babies! *sniffs* But that’s still so much money to fly there and stay… *dies*

And then G-Dragon happened.

And Henry.

Groan level: ………………………………………………… *sobs*

And then my husband surprised me, and bought me a ticket to KCON.

KCON 2013 officially begins Saturday, August 24th with a full day of panels and booths related to both Kpop and Kdrama. Personally, I’ll be in the dance workshop tent learning (or trying to learn) EXO’s Growl choreography, hoping I don’t make a fool of myself. What? I can’t help it? That song and dance is just intoxicating! (And no it has nothing to do with the 12 boys who are doing the singing and dancing… or does it…?)

Sunday is another full day, but what really takes the cake is the concert that night as part of M!Countdown: What’s Up LA. All those artists plus more, including Dynamic Duo, Yoo Seung Woo, a still to be announced ‘mystery girl group’ and even… Missy Elliott? (Is she doing a collab with GD?)

Well you’ll find out more when I’m back!

That’s right – expect to hear more about my experiences enjoying all the the panels/booths/performances, and how I obviously manage to win myself a ticket to meet *insert dream idol* in person backstage… okay so that last part is still fantasy, but a girl can dream. It’s good to have goals right?

Dare I brave the EXO fans to get an autograph too? *challenge accepted*

Oh, and if you ARE one of the lucky I-fans who like myself, will be at KCON, and you happen to spot me somewhere (in a weird combination of Teen Top Angel fan gear, waving my mad ‘One of a Kind’ GD towel, and trying to act like a regular, sane adult who’s just been let loose for the weekend -- though you might just find me "growling" -- don’t be afraid to hit me up!

After all,

True story, chingoos.

Now I have to run, because my list of things to prepare in advance is looooong and hard:

  1. Pack suitcase, don’t forget the comfy shoes and sunscreen.
  2. Print extra copies of Kpop lyrics, in case I lose a few along the way.
  3. Practice fan chants in my best and loudest Engrish.
  4. Watch fan cams and practice not passing out in advance of the excitement.
  5. Review dance tutorials so I don’t look like a squawking bird instead of a dancer.
  6. Pick out EXO bias.
  7. Take brief interlude to fangirl for a few minutes to an hour.
  8. Oh yes, finish packing… can’t forget the comfy shoes.
  9. Doublecheck that I still have my Kpop lyrics…
  10. Verify if I really have picked out an EXO bias
  11. Add a few bias wreckers, just in case…