This one's for all of you who, through the little story on them a few days ago, became fans of the new idol sensation (kind of) from Japan, the Niigata Rice Girls. Who knew you could see another music video so soon? This song is actually about...

Rice! This hip song is called "Rice-Colored Unrequited Love." And of course rice is white, and so is pure love. That seems to be the theme for these ladies, the struggle between feelings of love and lust towards men of their dreams and their love and dedication to farming rice. And in the end, it's always the rice that wins.

Maybe that's why their fans love them so much. They, like all of us, want to love and live free, but they have a responsibility, and that responsibility is feeding everybody with the highest quality rice, made out of nothing but their labor and their love.

No wonder fans are inspired by them! I know who I'm going to be thinking about the next time I dig my chopsticks into a bowl of white, steaming Koshihikari rice.

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