Today, adorable girl group AOA made a stop by MBC FM4U's radio program Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’Clock Date. The girls were there promoting their third mini-album Heart Attack. A world cup styled game about the ladies' dream guys came up during the show. They were asked who they would like to go to the beach with this summer. 

Jimin had to choose between singers Jay Park and Sung Si Kyung, Of course, she chose her longtime crush Jay Park. Her fellow girl group members saw it coming with their teasing comments of her being a big fan of his and claiming he was her ideal type. They even assumed her heart was set on Jay Park being her answer from the beginning.

Well, she proved them right by asking him out on air with this message: “Jay Park senior, if you have time, will you go to the beach with me? I love you.”

That is too cute! You have to love fangirls in the music industry. I hope these two get the opportunity to go out sometime.

 Do you think Jay will accept Jimin's adorable proposal?

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