Apink’s North American Pink Memory Tour came to an end in Los Angeles this last Saturday, but not before they gave their adoring American fans one more great show! Check out our pics below!

They opened the concert with their hits “Remember” and “Mr. Chu,” which got the crowd really excited! Apink were in top form for their passionate fans with their tremendous vocals and in sync choreography. One really interesting aspect of this show was the fact that Apink interacted so much with their fans through a series of games, Q&A’s, and challenges. Some of the highlights? They endured a “Guess What’s in the Box”-styled game, attempted a Hearts and Kisses relay, and competed in a match of “Deadly” Aegyo! The fans loved watching them compete onstage, of course, cheering and laughing at how cute Apink were. During the Q&A portion, when asked about what they liked about the US, Jung Eunji lamented about how she hadn’t gotten to eat In&Out yet, but she shared that all the members liked coming to the US and seeing the expressions of the fans who came to see them, promising they would never forget their American fans. Everyone from the audience to the artists looked like they had a great time during Apink’s Pink Memory tour! Thanks to tour producers, KPOPME, and Apink for giving a fun and memorable show! 

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