When the Dalai Lama gets thirsty, he doesn't make his handlers or anyone else get a drink for him. He takes care of it himself. So while in Japan, he does the same thing as everybody else. He shops in a convenience store.

Imagine waking up a little hungry on your day off and deciding to go to your local convenience store to buy some rice balls and a can of tea. You leave your apartment in sweats and sandals and walk up the street to the 7-Eleven you shop at every day. The sliding doors open and you enter.

You get your favorite spicy cod roe and salmon rice balls and green tea and go to the register to pay. You wait as a man who obviously is a monk (you can tell by his outfit and shaved head) pays for his cold milk tea. His voice sounds familiar... he turns around and says hello...


He apparently stopped in on the way to Koyasan from Kyoto, traveling to give a speech at Koyasan University. You never know who you're gonna run into.