The American techno-giant ceased music downloads on its Korean platform.

Within the past year, Apple users around the world have been introduced to Apple's entry into the music streaming industry, Apple Music. For many countries, Apple Music coexists with the iTunes store, where users can download singles and albums. However, with the most recent iTunes upgrade, Korean users were introduced to Apple Music, yet deceived of the downloads previously available through iTunes. Users will now be suggested towards subscribing to the Apple Music service at about $7.99/month.

South Korea boasts the eighth largest music market in the world, but Apple was only able to broker deals a few of the most well-known labels in Korea including familiar names YG, JYP and SM Entertainment. This left Apple with 30 million tracks, but not nearly enough to account for the vast quantity available in k-pop.

Are you going to miss music downloads, or are you an Apple Music convert?


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