Up until now, to soak in a natural hot spring under the stars at night required a long trip out to the country, costing time and money for city dwellers. But thanks to a genius invention by SegaToys, the ultimate bathing experience can now be had in the comfort of your own home.

Nothing beats the outdoor, natural hot spring experience. In Japan, a trip out to the mountains was the only thing that got you this experience, but that was before the Homestar Aquaplanetarium. This little device, which will be available starting November 6 for 3200 yen, or about 30 dollars, will turn the bathroom in your city apartment into an isolated hot spring in the middle of nowhere. Turn your bathroom lights off and switch your Aquaplanetarium on. Your bathroom ceiling will transform into the Milky Way, letting you have a spiritual, other-worldly bath experience.

For the equally important natural hot spring effect, many Japanese (and non-Japanese) hot spring  products are available for purchase. Sprinkle the hot spring powder into your hot bath, and with Home Star Aquaplanetarium, you can turn your city bathroom into an isolated heaven on Earth. 

Perfect for those who need to get away, but just don't have the time.

Four types. WATERPROOF.


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