Arang and the Magistrate is filled with all sorts of magical elements. There are ghosts, and reapers, a goat who grows a pretty flower garden on his back, and even a witch of sorts who plays with pots in her basement.

However there was one magical element that truly stunned us... well, it stunned me! WHERE DID THAT BRICK COME FROM?! Lord Choi got so angry at his minion he  threw a brick right at his head and I could not stop laughing! Not to mention he threw the brick at him AGAIN later on in episode 11 (LOL)!! Am I the only one wondering WHY Lord Choi has freakin loose bricks laying around in his house?! Don't get me wrong, it's funny, but it's just so random, isnt it?! I feel if this continues that minion is gonna need a house call from Dr. Jin. For those who don't know what i'm talking about, let me explain this hilarious craziness through pictures. ^_^

The Brick Thrower: Lord Choi

The Brick Receiver: Lord Choi's Minion

Location of the Brick Assault: Lord Choi's "room."

The Magical Brick

A Cry for Dr. Jin

We all know Lord Choi's minion is a bad guy, but did he reallllly deserve a brick to the head??? Tell me your thoughts, and also let me know of any other randomness  you've come across in your drama watching!

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