ArcheAge, a MMORPG game developed by Korean developer Jake Song (former developer of Lineage) and his development company, XL Games, released a special event celebrating White Day in Korea.


Within this one event, there are two completely polarizing subparts that you can choose from. On the top is the "Duck Boat for Lovers," and on the bottom is the "Lonely Man's Ferry." The description is even more elaborate, as it gives detailed information about each experience of the event.

For the "Duck Boat for Lovers," the description states, "Fancy gold embellishments with a delicate silver plating enhancing the romantic atmosphere. The couple can sit side by side and only one person has to endure the suffering of pedaling for the duck to move." It continues, "It is a bit faster than the ferry. There is a duck calling sound and a heard blast option that can be used against solo riders and give them a very uncomfortable and annoyingly loud show (no replacements)."

The "Lonely Man's Ferry" description is as follows: "Everywhere you look it seems as though there is room for only one person so you really have to ride alone. But the back seat is filled with boxes that will fill the lonely void. And there is a beer funnel from which you can drink out of."

The function of the lonely ferry is that it has "the fastest speed for a bronze-leveled, one-person ferry boat. You can hide from enemies by disguising yourself. It provides you a free environment where you can drink, throw up, throw beer cans, and get messy all you want."

Although single riders aren't given much, the lovers duck boat is given the option of having a "white chair that makes you flutter" and/or "sweet candy" that will enhance your ride with your MMORPG partner!

What do you think about this unusual, special White Day Event? (Source: http://www.archeage.com)