JYP Entertainment is setting the record straight after rumors began swirling about their top idols.

Over the weekend, K-Pop fans started speculating that GOT7's BamBam and TWICE's Mina were dating based on a friendly photo they took. The image, which was titled “BamBam Mina Dating Leaked Photo", made its rounds on social media before their agency finally released an official statement about the dating gossip of the 19 year-old singers.

“It’s just a candid photo. The two of them are simply company colleagues," JYPE said. "We will take strict action regarding defamation of our artists in relation to this matter.”

JYP Entertainment is not taking any chances with cyberbullying after Bae Suzy was so viciously attacked on social media a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, scandals constantly follow idols whether it be alleged photos, language or health related issues. If they are a popular celebrity, their name will be plastered on the headlines. I applaud JYP Entertainment for protecting their stars, and the Dream Knight actor and Mina for almost setting gorgeous celebrity couple goals once again.

Now that we know they are still single, are their any fellow celebrities you secretly ship them with? 

Shelly M is an author and blogger. Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs.com

Source: Via/Image Credit: Ceci Korea 


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