Ha Ji Won and Taiwanese actor Chen Bo Lin are the latest Asian celebrities to be caught up in a dating rumor. Their agencies have denied any romantic feelings between the two, stating that the rumor is false. However, the Chinese media remains suspicious due to a series of similar Instagram posts.

Ha Ji Won and Chen Bo Lin are expected to star together in the Chinese movie Risking Life For Love later this year, and both are currently represented by the same agencies in China and Korea. In addition, Ha Ji Won is currently starring as the lead in The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, the Korean remake of In Time with You, which starred Chen Bo Lin as the male lead.

Haewadal Entertainment, which represents Ha Ji Won, released the following statement: "They are definitely not in a love relationship. Ha Ji Won’s photos, which made this all become a topic, definitely do not have any connection with Chen Bo Lin." They also added that Chen Bo Lin and Ha Ji Won are not even closely acquainted.

You can check out their similar Instagram posts for yourself below! Please note, the photos were not uploaded within the same time period. 

What do you think of Ha Ji Won and Chen Bo Lin as a couple? Are you suspicious of the Instagram photos? Share your thoughts below!

Watch Ha Ji Won in The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days, the Korean remake of In Time with You:

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