Super Junior's Kim Heechul recently revealed he’d like to couple up on the show We Got Married with EXO member Xiumin. He was a guest on the radio show Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio when the host, fellow SuJu member Ryeowook, asked who Heechul would like to team up with on the show.

To everyone’s surprise he said he’d like to couple up with EXO member Xiumin because he’s run into him twice at different wedding ceremonies. Also Xiumin looks extremely similar to Heechul’s long time Idol crush, Sohee of K-POP group Wondergirls.

I personally have never watched We Got Married but you can bet your whole freakin life that I would be the first one to tune in to watch my oppa (-_-) paired up with Xiumin. They would be the most entertaining couple in that show's history, and make history by being the first same sex couple! Now is Heechul gay? Probably not. Is he bisexual? Maybe, I dunno his life! (0_o) But does it matter? NOT AT ALL! Heechul is funny, fabulous, pretty, and outspoken. Besides, this is probably just one of his bizarre ways of getting close to Sohee. Lots of people get crushes and when they can't have that specific person they go after whoever looks like them. Like who doesn't do that? Totally normal, sort of. *shrug*

This pairing probably won't happen, but it should! I mean in To The Beautiful You they showed Cha Eun Gyul's epic gay fantasy of him being married to Gu Jae Hee with a kid and it was so cute remember?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE