Sex appeal and popular culture are something that usually go hand in hand, especially in the United States, but apparently oversexed pop stars is something that is not going over well in South Korea. Media outlets and commentators in South Korea have recently been singling out K-Pop groups for being "too sexy" for television and the viewing public. The groups that have been particularly called out are Girl's Day, Rainbow Blaxx and AOA.

Many of the groups have had to alter their dances and outfits to meet the imposed guidelines by Korean television. Here is an example of Girl's Day toning down their sex appeal to meet TV guidelines.

This is the original video for their song "Something."

Here is the band performing the song on TV after it was released with the original dance.

And here is the song again, but they changed both their outfits and the dance.

Here the costumes are even more toned down and the dance even less sexy.

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A Korean morning show, Morning Wide, even recently did a study where young men's brain waves were monitored as they watched sexy K-pop videos, and the research concluded that the subjects' mental focus went down as they watched the sexually-charged clips.

Are these bands using too much sex appeal or are they being held to an unfair standard?