Nana and Hong Jong Hyun, the lovely former Style Log hosts along with Cho Min Ho, have recently been the topic of discussion with rumors flying that they have been dating for 7 months. Though both sides have already denied the romantic relationship, they have still come under fire from a lot of the media. Many netizens have complained about the couple because Hong Jong Hyun is also currently on the popular fake-dating show We Got Married with Girl's Day's Yura.

Even though the rumors were denied, an acquaintance of the couple told Sports DongA that they are a "well-known couple amongst their peers." Who knows if this is true? But one thing is for sure: they would make an adorable couple! What do you think?

Here they are modeling clothes during an episode of Style Log. Their outfits complement each other perfectly!


During a skit on the show, Hong Jong Hyun was very amused by Nana's antics.

Nana and co-host Cho Min H, often fooled around, leaving Hong Jong Hyun to stand by and observe the adorable weirdness.

Even if Nana and Hong Jong Hyun are not dating, they are good friends at least! To see more of the couple, check out Nana on Roommate and Hong Jong Hyun in Dating Agency: Cyrano! Hong Jong Hyun also appeared in the most recent episode of Running Man: