Recently, two celebrities had their past love lives exposed by the infamous Netizen patrol after their confessions on various talk shows. Although these celebrities first chose to reveal their stories regarding their past relationships, they both opted out the names. However, the Netizen patrol has gone out of its way to dig deeper and reveal the names of potential exes. On January 15th broadcasting of Strong Heart, anchor Jung Ga Eun told of her past love life and even recalled the time she and her celebrity ex went on a date. She also revealed that it's been five months since their breakup. As soon as the show aired, Netizens searched for the celebrity's identity using the duration of their relationship and age as clues. Jung Ga Eun tweeted in response, "I feel so stupid. I didn't mean it to turn out like this but it's happening... I just feel horrible and sorry.. Being like this makes me feel pathetic. If only there is a rat hole."

On January 14th broadcasting of Healing Camp, a similar situation occurred when Kim Rae Won revealed his "religious-like first love" with teary eyes. The actor said that he had fallen in love while working on a project in his teens. He also recounted the days when he would take the train for three hours in order to take his then-actress girlfriend home and take the train back. What do you think? Has the Netizen patrol gone overboard, or do celebrities waive their right to privacy? (Source: TvDaily & Joong Ang Ilbo)