We know what many of you are thinking, "When are they going to invent a wig that lets me know when I get email?" Oh wait, none of you are thinking that? Well, Sony is in the initial stages of creating a brand new 'SmartWig.'

The Tokyo-based company recently filed a patent application for a device that is a wig that can "be made from horse hair, human hair, wool, feathers, yak hair or any kind of synthetic material," and contains a circuit board that can wirelessly communicate with a phone or even a pair of sunglasses. The wig will also have GPS and a camera, and will be able to vibrate every time you get an email. Sony's invention comes on the heels of other recent obscure smartphone inventions like the SmartWatch, and Motorola's SmartTattoo.

The wig might just be the perfect combination of disguise and espionage tool for spies in the future!