To celebrate the new year the Running Man cast members invited a fortuneteller, who said Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook were 85 to 90% compatible!

On the latest episode, the fortuneteller told each of the cast members how the new year will unfold for them.

The fortuneteller told Kim Jong Kook, “Your need for women and money will grow exponentially. Don’t analyze. Let it go,” and embarrassed him.

The fortuneteller continued, “You’re very compatible with Song Ji Hyo. Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo’s compatibility is 85 to 95 out of 100.”

“Gary hyung must be sad,” Lee Kwang Soo commented, while others wondered the birth of a new Monday Couple.

To Song Ji Hyo, the fortuneteller said, “This year, love is in the air. There’s a chance of a new man in your life,” which made her happy.

Running Man also revealed a new year’s project, Member’s Week. Starting next week, each member will select and lead a race. Song Ji Hyo will take up the lead and her episode will air on Jan. 8, followed by Kim Jong Kook’s on Jan. 15.

The new project seems to reflect Running Man’s endeavor to end the show on a high note. Recently at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards, Lee Kwang Soo apologized to fans in his award acceptance speech, which left Song Ji Hyo in tears (Read more here).

Do you ship Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook as the new Monday Couple or are you forever Song Ji Hyo x Gary?