by: Danielle A. Recently, I came across some great images of the daily lives of sumo wrestlers in Japan. Seeing the wrestlers training so hard and joking around with each other made me realize they're just normal people too! Then that  really got me thinking... wouldn't it be great to date one of them? 1. First off, he'd be super popular!! He has a big team he trains with, so you'd be surrounded by big strong sumo guys! It's like having the best bodyguard ever! Sumo 2. Yeah, he'd be really really popular since sumo wrestling is Japan's national sport and he'll have a ton of fans. Ohhh yeahhh the FAME AND GLORY!! Sumo 3. Not to mention he'd be dedicated. Just look at how seriously he takes his job! Sumo 4. He'd be such a good guy, look how they share! Sumo 5. And you can go on group spa dates. Sumo 6. You can share hair product too!! Omg, twinsie hairdos!! Sumo 7. Sumo wrestlers are comfortable with their sexuality and that's hot! Won't it be warm and cozy to snuggle in between these two? Sumo 8. He'll cook... Sumo 9. He'll clean... Sumo 10. He'll dance... (they're so graceful!) Sumo 11. Do the congaaaaaa!!! Sumo 11. He'll pick you up for your dates...OMG there he is! You can't miss him! Sumo 12. I can just picture us sharing a home together!! It'll be so romantic... Sumo YUP, SUMO WRESTLERS ARE SEXY! Would you date a sumo wrestler?