Walking through New York City, sometimes you see women wearing high heels that make you wonder how they can even stand in them without breaking their ankles. These new designs make even the most ridiculous of those heels seem like comfortable sneakers.

While some high heels can make for a sexy outfit, taking it too far can be painful for the feet, ankles, and back. So it's doubtful many women will even attempt to rock these new high heels that just came out. Actually out on the market, created by various designers, these high heels are simply ridiculous. I would pay to see any human being gracefully walk, or even stand, in these. They make your feet pretty much completely horizontal. How about a pair of these super-high heels for a night of dancing at a nightclub? And forget about trying to make it home after a night of drinking some cocktails. Even if you were a ballerina, walking down the stairs is sure to make you fall flat on your face.

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