According to Alibaba, the giant e-commerce company in China, there is a link between a shopper's bra size and her spending habits. Say what?

Alibaba is China's giant e-commerce company that you might think of as a combination of Amazon, eBay, and PayPal, all rolled into one big happy enterprise. Because so many business and retail transactions are processed by Alibaba, there's a lot of big data that Alibaba can use to analyze. The result is that sometimes a strange link is established by their presumably highly intelligent analysts who are curious about how shoppers spend their money.

For instance, the latest finding is that the shoppers with larger bra sizes are also bigger spenders!

According to Alibaba, they analyzed underwear sales and found that women with larger breasts (because they bought bigger bras) spend more than women with smaller breasts (because they bought smaller bras).

Specifically, the C-cup and larger fall into the higher spending category, while the B-cup and smaller fall into the lower spending category. The chart below shows the B-cuppers with only a 28% purchasing power, much lower than those of the bigger-cup groups.

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I like math and I read business news, but I can't help but wonder if those smart analysts at Alibaba might want to look at some other factors to study female shoppers' buying habits. 

(photos: hellogiggles,chinatimes)