Wu Yi Fan and Kendall Jenner make a cute couple, and I want to know if you would like to see these two together in real life. Last week, Vogue China released a red-hot cover of the former EXO member and the model and TV personality posing side by side for their July issue. Today, more chic photos and a behind-the-scenes video clip were revealed to the public. 

Before we take a look at those BTS goodies, let's seriously consider the possibility of these gorgeous stars coupling up in real life. 

Wu debuted with the stage name Kris in SM Entertainment's boy band EXO in 2011, while Jenner rose to fame in 2007 through her family's reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

These two extraordinarily talented stars continue to carve out their own paths away from their superstar beginnings. It seems that 2015 will be the year they define themselves as individuals in the entertainment industry. They may reside on opposite sides of the globe, but they share a common interest in breaking away from the pack. As you know, Wu is venturing out on his own as he continues the legal battle to end his contract with SM, while Jenner is making a prominent name for herself in the modeling world.

While you consider the similarities between the two stars, let's take a look at their on-screen chemistry.

Do you think Wu Yi Fan and Kendall Jenner are made for each other? Do their similarities make them compatible? 

Watch every fangirl’s dream when the guys of EXO become neighbors with a shy young woman in the web series EXO Next Door:

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