Korean fans are wondering whether  Yoo Ah In (29) and Jung Yoo Mi (32) are dating, and they have valid reasons to believe so.

Netizens are speculating whether best friends Yoo Ah In and Jung Yoo Mi are something more than that, as evidenced by their Instagram photos charged with romantic chemistry and quotes from Yoo Ah In's past interviews.

Yoo Ah In and Jung Yoo Mi first met in 2007 through a movie and have been friends for the past 8 years, making public and private appearances together. 

In a January 2012 interview, Yoo Ah In announced he was in a relationship. "I'm in a very stable relationship. I’m strict to myself, but I’ve been at peace these days, probably because I’m seeing someone,” Yoo Ah In said. In 2013, Yoo Ah In picked his costar Jung Yoo Mi as his ideal type at the press conference for Tough as Iron. "I still like her. She is a natural rather than a free-spirited actress," Yoo Ah In said.

Yoo Ah In and Jung Yoo Mi worked together in many occasions, dubbing an animated movie together and starring on Skeletons in the Closet and Tough as Iron. In addition, Yoo Ah In appeared as a cameo on the last episode of Jung Yoo Mi’s 2014 romantic comedy Discovery of Romance.

Jung Yoo Mi is part of Yoo Ah In's creative studio https://yooahinsikseekland.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/yoo-ah-in-studio-concrete-spread-love-through-1to10-series-shirt/" style="background-color: initial;">Concrete, Last Monday on October 5, Jung Yoo Mi celebrated Yoo Ah In's birthday along with other friends.


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