It's one thing to catch an episode or two of Law & Order every other week when you have some down time before bed. Oh, you know, maybe it's a re-run, maybe it's a new episode of SVU...

But it's ANOTHER thing, my dearest fellow K-drama groupies, to BE COMPLETELY, HOPELESSLY ADDICTED TO K-DRAMAS.

Hi, my name is Aileen and I am addicted to K-dramas.

Yup, you know it happens to the best of us (inevitably—those things are freakin' addicting! What're they putting in there?!). So we're here to tell you some of the telltale signs of K-drama addiction:

1. You tell yourself only two episodes tonight but then you binge and watch 15.


2. You’re constantly trying to watch everywhere (work, school, bathroom, eating, etc…and YES, you WILL find the perfect position to prop your device so you can watch in the shower).


3. You look forward to the weekend—not to go out with friends, but for drama marathons.


4. You are familiar with Korean actors, their birthdays, their filmography, their personal lives, their favorite color, their favorite foods…


5. Your parents/friends/sig other pulls you aside and tells you you need an intervention, to which you indignantly respond “I’M FINE! I CAN STOP IF I WANT TO!!” (but seriously, who are we kidding, you really can’t).


6. You feel off if you go a couple of days without watching an episode.tumblr_ln8lmeA5s51qax9pk

7. You feel actual anxiety when a new series comes out and everyone’s talking about it and you haven’t started it yet.


8. You get lost in another (awesome) world when you’re watching and forget your surroundings.

9. After you finish an episode you sometimes feel a little lost (like, okay…what do I do now? Can’t believe it’s all over!).


10. You often suffer from insomnia from irregular sleep schedules (zombie status, anyone?).tumblr_mf1sj5bWDA1rxdgbc

11. You begin repeating words and phrases you picked up from your dramas in daily life and cooking Korean food for yourself and your entire family.


12. You know you have a tiny problem, but so WHAT?!


Who cares 'cause YOU LOVE IT ALL! (And you're just gonna keep watching)



So what's your diagnosis? Introduce yourself in the comments below and let us know of any other symptoms of your addiction!

(Also, for you K-drama addicts: this is what we're screaming at the screen while watching!)