If you are like me, Drama Fans, then you get adorable pictures of meal suggestions to eat while breathlessly watching the new episodes of Sensory Couple. These pictures pop up on the Drama Fever Facebook page, then rapidly spread through drama-loving circles through social media to with caption variations of "OMO so Cute!" Some brave souls probably spend time trying to make it. The rest of us look at our scrambled eggs, grocery store sushi, cup o' soups, and 3 A.M. video marathoning food with a vague look of disappointment that it didn't morph into an sculpted rice kitten.

Adorable Picture that looks nothing like my meal.

The true drama aficionado knows that, other than that one hilarious lunch box Jan Di put together for Joon Pyo,

It's the ONE angry eyebrow that really gives it je nais se quoi

drama denizens eat the same things over and over again. In really, REALLY large mouthfuls.

Not even you can make that look attractive Yoo Chun.

In the ongoing effort to live the K drama life (as I know some Drama Fans do as part of their long-term plans to marry Hyun Bin), I put together this wholly unscientific chart of the K drama diet.

I am sure that doctors would not recommend this diet to everyone, and as a responsible columnist, I urge you not to eat this way unless you also have achieved the following milestones: 

* you are a plucky, poor girl/boy with a family to support

* you are a super rich girl/boy with overbearing parents

* you have a magical roller/duffle bag that holds an infinite supply of designer clothes

* you have recently moved to Seoul

* you have recently suffered a bout of amnesia AND have an extremely attractive, yet unknown, person declaring their undying love.

* Above unknown person is standing in a rainstorm, cherry blossom shower, or flurry of romantic snowflakes — even if they are in the hospital

What do YOU eat while watching dramas? let us know in the comments!

What happens when a girl who sees smells meets a guy who can’t feel? Find out in the quirky romantic comedy Sensory Couple: