Nam Shin is a child torn apart by greed and pain. Torn from his mother by a greedy Grandfather and betrayed by a greedy Almost Father in Law, he lives in a world full of enemies. In loneliness his mother has made a robot child to fill her broken heart with his face and name. Acts of desperation land Nam Shin in a coma and that robot child must now step in to protect him. Can Nam Shin III take the place of the human Nam Shin and destroy his enemies? Join CC Farmer and me, Wendilynn as we discuss the first two episodes of Are You Human, Too?

C.C. Farmer: The beginning was good. Too good. I was hooked the moment she put the mask on the robot. The little boy was so cute! His smart remarks stole my heart!

Wendilynn: Little Nam Shin was totally adorable. I felt so sorry for him. His grandfather and his “helper” were monsters. Every time they used the word ‘greed’ to belittle the mother, I wanted to respond with, “Something is wrong with you that you can say that.”

C.C. Farmer: When that main ‘helper’ walked past her I was trying not to yell in the screen, “Kick him in the shins! Come on girl, Kick him in the shins!”

Wendilynn: I loved how they showed the progression of aging the robot. Although, I wish technology was that good back then. Lol However, I was really fascinated by how they grew his skin in the final aging process. That was really cool.

C.C. Farmer: That was amazing! The part where he said, “Mom, when did you get so short?!” was hilarious. And when Shin was in the tank-thing I thought he was getting a special kind of robot bath. Ha ha! I was so wrong.

Wendilynn: It did a body good. (HA!) What did you think about our bodyguard’s story?

C.C. Farmer: Well, she must have had some reason for trying to get that extra money. (I’m just too soft-hearted to say she’s greedy.) The real Shin was smart though, making it seem like he was leaving for the companies good.

Wendilynn: I have to wonder what his real plans were, though. Using her to create a scandal that usually forces most to have to leave their positions was a good strategy. Thankfully Shin III was able to use his number one rule to smooth it all over.

C.C. Farmer: That rule is the best. Rule. Ever! Wars and problems would probably end quicker if that rule was used more often. Shin is so innocent, hugging her in front of paparazzi and cameras and such.

Wendilynn: He really is innocent and I think Kang Seo Joon is doing a good job. You can tell his two character’s apart very easily. Human Shin is jaded and doesn’t trust anyone where Robot Shin still sees the world through undefiled lenses.

C.C. Farmer: The part where they first see each other is so… weird, cool, awesome… how do you say it. On one side the innocent robot with flowers and the better hair cut. On the other is the one that trusts no one and is human. They walk towards each other, the dramatic music playing and then… Bam! The human gets run over by a truck. I was so scared! I was all caught up in the dramatic music and acting. I nearly jumped out of my skin!

Wendilynn: That scene caught me off guard too. Both of them had this “what the hell?” look on their face and then BAM! Made me jump. Then episode 2 starts off with Shin III trying to save the guy with the same face as himself. That whole thing was neat to watch.

C.C. Farmer: When Shin smacked So Bong that scared me too.

Wendilynn: That too. I was also amused by the hologram training Shin received so he’d learn how to treat everyone. There is just a touch of Star Trek for me in this show. Lol

C.C. Farmer: That was strange for me. I kept wondering if they were still in the room or in real drama life. Ooo! I think I know why So Bong took pictures of real Shin for the paparazzi- she may have hated how stuck up and snobby he was! She said later, “I’ll guard a rich family’s dog if I have to.”

Wendilynn: Maybe. Although, selling famous people’s pictures is a time honored tradition for people wanting to make a quick buck.

C.C. Farmer: I can safely say that this drama has made it to the family watch together time. It has action, engineering, and enough romance to keep all of us involved.

Wendilynn: Agreed, this is a whole family sort of show. Well, at least so far.

C.C. Farmer: *music cue* Dun Dun Dun!

So what do you think of the first episodes? I'm ready for Grandpa and Director Seo to get what's coming to them already. If Director Seo and Secretary Ji seem familiar to you but you just can't place them, you might remember them from Faith and City Hunter respectively. It took me two episodes to remember why they seemed so familiar to me. Did you catch any other familiar faces? Tell us below.

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Are You Human Too?

Starring Seo Kang Joon and Gong Seung Yeon

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