Watch out for that flipping car! Join Wendilynn, DeShonda and I, C.C. Farmer as we discuss the cliches, the surprises, and our favorite character actor from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon in these episodes of Are You Human Too

C.C. Farmer: The cry throughout the house is, “Monday is too far away!`”

Wendilynn: lol

DeShonda: I know! This drama is so good it’s hard to wait until Monday.

C.C. Farmer: In episode 3 we learn the background of the main female lead. However, I still have a hard time liking her and by episode 4 if she had not trashed her spying electronic I would have been only been only watching it for the robot and his dog (?). Would the floor cleaner be technically a dog personality? Or is it more of a rabbit? Possibly a very cute, flat, guinea pig.

Wendilynn: As we have pet guinea pigs, that’s got me laughing. I have to admit, I’m surprised by So Bong as well. I get that she thinks she’s unearthing the “evil plot” but there are so many things that I really didn’t want Director Seo to know that he now does. I was extremely happy when Robot Shin revealed that he knew about her hidden camera from moment one. I’m was like, ‘YES!’. Lol

DeShonda: I agree with you C.C. I’m glad that I am not the only one who is having a difficult time liking the female lead. She is getting on my nerves actually. She is too nosey, and she is going to blow Shin’s cover. And I don’t like the fact that she is working with the enemy Jong Gil. I was happy to see a back story about her however. LOL I love the little robot dog! It’s so cute. I was so happy when Robot Shin knew about the hidden camera also. I was hoping that he would detect it and indeed he did, and he called her out on it!

C.C. Farmer: I have a hard time with lies and the girl dishes them out very creatively but as episode three reveals the hard knocks she has taken from life, I feel I can label her as a dimensional character.

Wendilynn: Well, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for one more week before actively disliking her. She doesn’t seem to know which side is the bad guy yet. And Robot Shin is doing a really good job of keeping her off balance. I also really felt for him this week. Everyone is not giving him enough respect for his abilities. I wanted to punch the secretary for treating him like a dumb object instead of the thinking personality he needs him to be.

DeShonda: Wendilynn, you are better than me by giving this girl another chance. But I am hoping that she will develop and make a positive change by the end of this series. She has a lot to learn so I am expecting a positive change. But I have to agree with you, Robot Shin is really keeping her off balance.

C.C. Farmer: This is where we are going to disagree because I have always had a hard time with the robots taking over the world theme and Robot Shin has obviously stolen hearts here and the real son is a vegetable in bed with not as much personality and goodness. Maybe vegetable is not the right word. There are so many little spots that if the flow of acting, looks, high budget, and scenery wasn’t covering I would be going “yeah, right.” But this is a Korean Drama Land. Somehow the director can take us into K-Drama fantasy, thriller land and we believe that our Seo Kang Joon from idol music group 5urprise is this wide eyed robot. How in the world did he train himself? A human blinks 12 times a mini, unless they are on electronics then it is 4 per min. To keep his eyes that wide without appearing to blink must be an actor trade trick or lots of editing.

Wendilynn: I don’t think I caught any non blinking. I’ll have to rewatch. What I enjoy in Kang Joon’s performance is how he can go from wide eyed innocent Robot Shin, do the jaded stare of Human Shin in the blink of an eye. The switch is brilliant. He switches between both with incredible finesse. I really have bought that Robot Shin can pull this off, especially with his ability to tap into electrical sources. That helps so much.

DeShonda: Absolutely! I totally believe that Robot Shin will be able to pull this off as well Wendilynn. And yes, being very handy in electronics is very helpful in his situation. I was thinking the exact same thing as well. Robot Shin is doing a good job switching to Human Shin when he needs to. His assistant trained him very well. Robot Shin has the mannerisms of Human Shin down pat pretty well.

C.C. Farmer: It also helps that the cast line up is a wowzers. Supporting actors include Park Young-Gyu the veteran actor whom we have seen as a guest in Roommates, My Shy Boss as a guest appearance in ep. 3 and many many others. You get my drift. This is the actor many idols long to become. And then there is our favorite character actor from Strong Woman...He is the dad in this one. He is a physical actor as we have seen. The comparison between him and evil Seo Jong-Gil by So-Bong our actress.) of how the other girl has a better dad because her dad wasn’t smacking her. We know that he was yelling at her because he was upset. Yes people look. Double check me. The dad with the tired face, who tried to fight corruption to clear his daughter’s name is our gangster and game director from Strong Woman. Talent. People. Talent.

Wendilynn: Kim Won Hae is the actors name and he’s one of my favorites. He plays everything from spineless wimps to gangsters. I think he probably had the most fun in Do Bong Soon, but I like him here too. He’s does care and like any good parent who has had their heart nearly stop being because of their child almost getting killed in some dumb stunt, you are going to yell at them a bit. Lol But considering she’s a former AMA fighter, he probably expects her to not scare him. I’m not sure how he’ll react to the car scene though. Lol There are probably more hits coming.

DeShonda: That is the one thing I noticed about this drama as well. There are so many actors I recognize from other dramas in this series, and I love it! Kim Won Hae is one of my favorites as well. He is such a versatile actor. I loved him in Do Bong Soon, and I am enjoying him here as well. LOL I believe that there will be plenty of more hits to come.

C.C. Farmer: The flipping cars! I hope they didn’t spend all their budget on episode 4.

Wendilynn: That was some serious CGI work. At least one of those cars should have taken out their vehicle the way they were flying around. I’m thinking Mom needs to make Shin’s back skin out of tougher material.

DeShonda: That entire car chase scene had me on the edge of my seat! Wow I was literally screaming at the TV while watching it. I was thinking the same thing as you were Wendilynn. Shin’s mother needs to use better durable material for his skin. I wonder what is going to happen next now that So Bong has seen his back.

C.C. Farmer: Throughout episode 3 and 4 So Bong has been adamant that it wasn’t her heart racing. And finally at that moment when she runs to him, obviously caring for him, and seeing Robot Shin’s back, I believe she could seriously say that her heart wasn’t racing. It had stopped. A surprise. One of many I am sure.

Wendilynn: Hopefully, she finally gets with the program and starts to really protect Shin instead of betray him.

C.C. Farmer: Episode 5 will be the turning point for some of us viewers. Will So Bong go with her heart and protect him or will she be cold and ruthless as the world she has experienced? Oh Monday! How far away you are!

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