Welcome back to an exciting week of episodes of Are You Human, Too! These episodes dropped some bombshells as: Robot Shin’s identity has been revealed to Kang So Bong, Kang So Bong starts to have feelings for Robot Shin, and our Grandfather continues to be up to no good. Join Wendilynn, C.C., and I as we discuss these and other topics in this week’s episodes of Are You Human, Too.

Wendilynn: Okay, I’m all for Korea winning against Germany, but interrupting my show was a bit much. 2 fun episodes a week apart was too much to take. Lol

C.C. Farmer: It became a code red at my house. You would have thought I was telling the children that I expected them to do laundry and dishes everyday for 8 hours. They were happy when they realized there are 18 episodes.

DeShonda: I agree with you Wendilynn. The episodes this week were a lot of fun to watch. I don’t know about you ladies, but I am still on the fence about Kang So Bong. I mean she is starting to open up a bit to Robot Shin, but she is still so mean to him and I am not a fan of it at all.

Wendilynn: Well, she’s going through the expected, “you’re not real” adjustment. But that made me just feel for Robot Shin all the more. The personal secretary just sees him as a thing. His Mom sees him as expendable. I say, give him a new face and let him be his own person. Screw that kill switch.

C.C. Farmer: Episodes 5 and under, I agree with you Wendilyn on the personal secretary seeing him as a thing. In episode 6 I see him battling with his thoughts and feelings as we are introduced more and more to the back story. Secretary Ji is very important to our story in helping us adjust our feelings from the robot to the person. IF and that is a big IF they go in that direction. There are lovely surprises all over this drama.

DeShonda: I felt bad for Robot Shin as well Wendilynn. My heart was torn to pieces when she left him in the middle of the street. And then again when she left him out in the rain. It just crushed my little heart. I am glad you mentioned the backstory of Secretary Ji, C.C. I often wondered about his story and I am glad that we got the chance to see that.

Wendilynn: The secretary’s backstory does let us know if we want to consider him a corrupt character or not. I’m on the fence, and I think he is as well. Then we have Grandpa pulling his stunt. First, we are introduced to him being a monster, and then we see him in intimate and apologizing conversations with Secretary Ji and with So Bong. So, it makes me wonder just what game he is playing. Is he a nice guy or not? THEN, we get to the end of episode six and I just about laughed out loud in surprise. Damn, the man.

C.C. Farmer: I was not expecting that trick. Alrighty. Episode 6. We have turned the word Robot Slave into boyfriend. It has become our household code.

DeShonda: I hope that Secretary Ji is not corrupt. I really like him. That would break my heart if he turned out to be shady. The Grandfather is something else. I almost jumped off the couch when Robot Shin caught him in a lie. At least it appears to be a lie. It makes me wonder what is the Grandfather’s motive for lying. What else does he have up his sleeve.

Wendilynn: I ended up rewatching episode 6 so I could catch Grandpa’s secret smiles. Now that I know he’s up to something, it changes his scenes completely. Reminds me of the movie ‘Greedy” with Micheal J Fox and Kirk Douglas. Douglas played a sick rich guy who had the most conniving family ever. And he tries to see who will take his money and run and who will stick around. I sort of think Grandpa wants Shin to be strong.

C.C. Farmer: I think we all have gone back to watch episode 6, or episode 3. My reasons are purely for the physical. Fire saving hero and girlfriend ditching kisser. Yep.

DeShonda: I am glad I’m not the only one who rewatched Episode 6. I was thinking of the same movie you refenced Wendilynn as well. I agree with you I think the Grandfather want’s Shin to be strong as well. But I am definitely keeping my eye on him. Speaking of kissing, I was shocked when Robot Shin kissed Kang So Bong. I knew that there was a method behind his madness though. Looks like it backfired because the girlfriend moved in. Now I was shocked when Kang So Bong kissed Robot Shin. Even though I don’t care much for her, she is starting to catch feelings for Robot Shin. Makes me wonder how this relationship will develop in this series.

Wendilynn: Seo Kang Joon is a really great kisser, so that scene was both unexpected and fun to watch. He does such a good job of playing Robot Shin that you feel for him and connect to him. I’m ready to accept him as human enough. It will be good when the other characters catch up to us. I also really laughed when he threw her dad into the air. Lol

C.C. Farmer: Meeting the father date has known to be brutal. Just never like this. Lol!

Gives a new meaning to meeting the parents. Lol

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