Grandpa is making moves to control those around him. Some he belittles, some he discounts, all are fed up with it. Robot Shin now finds himself in the middle as holder of too many secrets and a new primary rule. The first rule ever made by him for him. Will he be able to keep Human Shin’s position safe before everything unravels? Join C.C. Farmer, Deshonda, and I, Wendilynn as we discuss the newest developments in Are You Human, Too!

C.C. Farmer: As Wendilynn stated Grandpa has been messing with people. I think he knows more than what he lets on. Why else would he ask Mom to come to the company?

DeShonda: I knew there had to be a method behind his madness. I am keeping an eye on him because something is definitely fishy with him. I agree with you C.C., he knows much more information than he is letting on. Plus with the addition of the Mother to the company, he has something up his sleeve.

Wendilynn: I have to admit, I laughed out loud and called him an “old codger”. Totally in character for that wily old man who manipulates everyone around him.

C.C.: I am having an internal struggle with this episode. I love this show. The family and I watch it together, however there are a few things that stretch the element of realism. For example. Putting the phone on speaker! How does the bad guy not know that she put the phone on speaker? I can tell when the phone is switched to speaker when the kids do it. I feel that is like the old click of the phone being picked up and other members of the household are listening in. You know. Like the 80’s. How can the bad guy not know the phone is on speaker?

DeShonda: It’s funny you mentioned this because I was thinking the same thing. When Kang So Bong put the phone on speaker, I thought for sure that her cover would be blown and the bad guy would know. But, it looks like he had no idea. I grew up in the 80’s so I know exactly what you are talking about when someone would pick up the phone on the other end. Technology has come a long way since then, but even with that you can still know when the phone is on speaker.

Wendilynn: Or rather, he didn’t care it was on speaker, but I think you are right that they want us to think that he didn’t know. Which doesn’t work because you always can tell when you are on speaker. The sound is totally different.

C.C.: I tend to think the phone in this episode needed to be fired for its role. The other issue I had with Mr. Cell Phone was the kid’s bedroom scene. I know that the phone was used to keep the story moving but after throwing it away to help the boy with heart troubles, Robot Shin brings it back and puts it on the bed stand right beside the kid. I feel that it ruined the touching moment of throwing the cell phone and replacing it with a toy robot. A subtle statement that we let our children have too much electronics and they should use their own imagination.

DeShonda: Oh yes, I remember that scene. At first I didn’t know the reason why Robot Shin threw away the phone from the little boy, but I quickly realized it had to do with his illness. And I did question, just as you did, why Robot Shin brought the phone back. That I didn’t understand. But I did like the fact that the little boy got to keep the toy robot. You make a very good point C.C. Growing up as a child in the 80’s, we never had any of the technology that is available today. Kids should put down the electronics and pick up other toys, and play outside more.

Wendilynn: If he didn’t have the phone with him, then we wouldn’t know Robot Shin planned to punish Director Seo on behalf of the little boy.

C.C.: Agree. I want to go outside and play with Robot Shin. errr. How PG does this review need to be? He carries her on his back. He has been trying to get her there for a while and I love his dedication to make her move. He is so concerned about her. And every time he or she says the words robot slave, Tin Can, etc.. I think it as code for the word boyfriend. They were so cute, making eyes at each other through the rear-view mirror!

DeShonda: I love the interaction between Robot Shin and Kang So Bong. They are indeed cute together. I really love how he does care about her. I know that he is a robot and technically he doesn’t have feelings, but he definitely likes her. I also think when Kang So Bong calls him names it is a code word for boyfriend. I had my concerns about her at the beginning of this series, but slowly she is starting to come around and it’s good to see her character development so far.

Wendilynn: She’s the only one who sees him as a person. An entity that has thoughts and she respects them. Everyone sees him as someone temporary, even his creator (sorry, she lost mother status when she installed the kills switch). The only person who doesn’t see him as replaceable is So Bang. And his internal programming understands that distinction. Intimately.

C.C.: I give a nod to the writer at the end of episode 7, which in all practicality is a filler episode, made for finishing the development of the characters, where he has a protection scene and Robot Shin’s first self created rule. We, the audience, knows why he has done this but Shin analytically doesn’t understand and this questioning brings us smoothly into episode 8.

C.C. Episode 8 is a great dynamic episode. It is the pandora kimchi jar of kdramas. Everything, referring to plot lines, has been left out and we are going to watch our characters unravel these threads and while they do so we are going to hold our little jar that contains our hope that this awesome show will keep up and not try to solve everything in the last episode. Oh on a side note, while at work I tried the trick of putting a cassette tape in the freezer just like they did in the 2016 K drama Reply 1988 and it worked! So if freezing a cassette tape works then they should freeze Robot Shin and mail him to a lucky girl instead of hitting the kill switch! I think I may have changed the plot line in my head to a very naughty Japanese style drama.

Wendilynn: All they need to do is replace his face. Easy. Done. Why his creator feels she needs to kill him is beyond me. So Bang will probably be happy to keep him.

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