Everyone has a secret and Robot Shin’s survival is in the middle of it. Director Seo is very close to finding out the truth and Robot’s Shin’s creator is getting panicky about her kill switch. Bong So comes clean with a confession and Human Shin reveals that he hasn’t been asleep nearly as long as we thought. Robot Shin learns about jealousy but does he actually feel it? Come join C.C Farmer, DeShonda and me, Wendilynn as we fall in love with Robot Shin while wanting to strangle his human counterpart in Are You Human, Too?

Wendilynn: Normally, I don’t like to chat about the end of episode 12 first, but I can’t wait to ask, did anyone else play that last scene over and over again or was it just me?

DeShonda: No you are not the only one Wendilynn. I had to play it over again as well.

C. C. Farmer: I now hate the writers. I was so glad when he came in and took So Bong from Human Shin, but what’s this, that looked like… a feeling! But robots don’t have them… do they? I was so glad that I couldn’t watch that episode till this Monday when episode 13 came out. I went straight to that.

Wendilynn: He has excellent programming so that he can observe how people act and what emotion that qualifies. When he came in so quickly to take her away, I thought his protection programming was kicking in. I had no doubt Human Shin would have hit her. He’s a dog that way.

DeShonda: I think it’s wonderful that Robot Shin is starting to understand not only people but feelings as well. He is very eager to learn and study humans more. I was hoping that Robot Shin would come in and save So Bong. I was very happy when he did. Human Shin is such a jerk.

C. C. Farmer: Yea Robot! Bad Human. I had to hold my hand back from slapping the screen. Stupid jerk!

Wendilynn: I can understand where the jerk is coming from, though. He got hit by a truck, who do you trust? His world is one of nothing but enemies. I’d probably be a jerk, too.

DeShonda: So correct me if I am wrong ladies, but was Human Shin awake the entire time listening to all of the conversations around him? I was not expecting that at all! That was a big shocker for me. I almost jumped off the couch when that secret was discovered.

Wendilynn: I don’t think he was awake the whole time, but I think by the time Ye Na got involved in the secret, he was aware then.

C. C. Farmer: I did think of him being semi-conscious at some point, of which I forget, but actually awake and plotting with Ye Na? That was a shock for me. Like I said, I now hate/love the writers.

Wendilynn: I was taken by surprise when the blood showed up when he broke the glass, but as soon as he rejected Bong So’s confession, I knew it had to be the real Shin. Shin would never have treated her confession that way.

DeShonda: Thank you Wendilynn for clearing that up for me. Ok, so that leads me to the next question. Again correct me if I am wrong, but is it safe to assume that Ye Na was in on Human Shin’s secret the entire time? Also I was shocked as well when he was bleeding. I did not think it was Human Shin until the confession. The identity had me fooled for a minute there.

Wendilynn: Ye Na was certainly the first to know he was awake. He had clearly been awake for awhile by that point, I assume. Ye Na would be a rather safe person to reveal himself to. She’s totally loyal.

DeShonda: Ah Ok. I will say this, Ye Na is very loyal you are correct about that. But one of my favorite scenes in this week's episode was when So Bong’s father found out about Robot Shin. I absolutely love the actor that is playing the father. I am living for his comic relief in this series. He was just as shocked to find out about his secret as Reporter Jo was. Her reaction was funny as well.

Wendilynn: Kim Won Hae is so funny as the father. I don’t like reporter Jo, though. She’s just rude as all get out. Although, I did laugh at the scene where she is feeling up Robot Shin. I was like, “really?”. I was almost embarrassed for him. I have to wonder how many NG scenes they had from laughing. Lol

C.C. Farmer: She asked what I wanted to know.

DeShonda: Yes! I was cracking up as well at Reporter Jo. She is very sneaky though so I can understand why she is not your favorite.

Wendilynn: Being sneaky isn’t my problem. She’s dealt with Robot Shin several times now and she keeps treating him like an it. He talks and walks like a respectful person and she can’t return the favor? I just don’t like her. I will say I don’t like the creator for that reason too. Even though we saw her struggle with whether she could actually use the kill switch or not, I just can’t accept that wiping Shin out is the only solution she can think up to deal with there being two of them. This probably shows the main weakness in the story line. Both Mom and Ye Na are not acting as smart as their characters should be. Ye Na would not be this naive in her social or business position. I just shake my head a little. Sometimes, only Bong So is our smart one.

DeShonda: I must admit I am not a fan of the creator as well. I agree with you So Bong is pretty smart. She has started to grow on me as this we get further along in this series. At the beginning I was not sure about her at all in fact, it’s safe to say I did not care much for her. But now I do like how her character has developed now that she is seeing Robot Shin in a different light. Not just as a Robot but as if he was human. I do enjoy the interactions between So Bong and Robot Shin very much. I think it is really cute to watch them together.

Wendilynn: Their interactions are just a joy to watch. Maybe Robot Shin’s simple happy face just makes me happy. His simple joy in being with people just makes me feel like everything will be okay. And as for Bong So, can you blame her for developing feelings? She has a kind entity vowing to always protect her. Hell, I’d melt in her shoes.

C.C. Farmer: Did I mention I love/hate the writers? I am on a broken treadmill of emotions. Who do I dislike more? Mom? Grandpa?

DeShonda: Now I am worried that Grandpa has the Kill Switch. I am still trying to figure out what his intentions are. But I have a feeling that the Kill Switch is now in the wrong hands. I would rather have the Kill Switch with So Bong, then I know it would not be used at all.

Wendilynn: I’m with you on this. I don’t trust Grandpa with it at all. We’ll just see what happens this week.

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