Join Wendilynn, DeShonda and I, C.C. Farmer as we discuss how romantic a robot can be. As well as how messed up Nam Shin is and just who is playing who in last weeks episodes of Are You Human, Too.

C.C. Farmer: Maybe we should explain where we are in the plot because I am going to start getting lost with all the plot twists.

Wendilynn: I’m really glad they gave us Human Shin’s backstory because I didn’t want to hate him and I was starting to. I totally get where he’s coming from. I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. I wouldn’t like seeing myself so easily replaced when I’d been sacrificing and living in hell for 20 years from the one person I loved. The person he’s really pissed at is his mother, but it's easier to be angry at Robot Shin than the people he really cares about.

DeShonda: You are so right C.C. There are a lot of plot twists. Believe it or not, I was starting to get lost. The writers did a good job at confusing me this week. I was hoping that we would learn more about Human Shin’s story. I have a love/hate thing going on with him. I can understand why he is acting the way he is. In a way, I don’t blame him, but it’s so rude.

C.C.: First I was going to quit this show because I did not understand the female lead, then we were showed her backstory and I became a hater of the mother, then human Shin, now I dislike the grandfather because of the back stories. Oh how shallow a person I appear to be! Or we can look at it from another angle, these writers are awesome. This show has us walking a thin cliff line between excellent and crazy. At any moment we can tip and slip down the plot hole of insanity!

Wendilynn: I agree with you on the writing. This story certainly doesn’t go where I expect it to. Or, to be more exact, doesn’t explain itself the way I expect it to. Learning that Human Shin is actually a thoughtful caring person was a shock. I just thought he didn’t care, but in reality, he cares too much so uses his “lovely personality” as a shield.

DeShonda: I felt the same way as you did C.C. about our female lead. I was not here for her at the beginning of this series at all. I was hoping that she would come around and develop into a more caring person. I like this version of her because it shows a different side to her character. I also went through the series of disliking each character one by one as well. The Grandfather is getting on my nerves. He is something else playing everyone like fiddle. I am still trying to figure out his angle. That’s a perfect way to describe Human Shin as he is indeed using his shield.

C.C.: Shield. When you say shield, don’t you think that he uses Seo Ye-Na too much?

Wendilynn: She’s the only one he knows is totally loyal to him. So, yeah, he’s totally using her.

C.C.: Well, since her father nearly killed him, then I suppose this is fine. Nicht! Another opening for a plot twist.

DeShonda: She is indeed very loyal to Human Shin. And I do like her for her loyalty but she is being used big time and it’s not OK with me.

Wendilynn: Totally. What did you think of the role switching? Did you catch when it was Robot Shin or Human Shin or were you surprised?

C.C.: Lol. Of course I was surprised! Not as surprised as I was when Reporter Jo corners Robot Shin in episode 12.

DeShonda: The switching between Human Shin and Robot Shin was confusing to me. There were several times I did not know who was who.

Wendilynn: She’s a crack up, but I’m impressed because Kang Joon is doing such a great job of playing both characters. I buy it and I’m loving the subtle clues that tell you who he is in any given scene. So far, I caught all the changes.

C.C.: Fine, Oh Wise One of the Drama Twists, use your skill and let me know why Chairman Nam grabs Little Hee-dong and calls him Shin? I am confused. What does this mean?.(I wonder if I fell asleep at this part or if I missed it because the kids watched the show ahead of me.)

Wendilynn: It looks like the dementia may be real this time, but I’m waiting to see. Grandpa asked both boys what they really wanted. Remember? Human Shin wanted to destroy what his grandfather built and Robot Shin didn’t want anything at all. Remember what he said? “I can do everything, but that doesn’t mean I need to do everything.” I think Grandpa is willing to push everybody to see just how far Robot Shin is willing to go.

DeShonda: The Grandfather is confusing me. I was shocked to discover that he really does have dementia. But looking back, what Grandfather said to both Human and Robot Shin, that makes sense. He is just tricking everyone.

C.C.: sigh. Grandpa. Grandpa. Grandpa.

Wendilynn: Conniving bastard. This show is trying to make Human Shin look like the bad guy right now, but I think we have to remember that Director Seo is our true bad guy. And who is in the nursing home that needs to be tracked down? Who was Shin looking for?

C.C: I had to go back and rewatch things. After talking to Wendilynn and Deshonda I found there were some scenes I missed...Nursing home? Playing a romantic piano piece, (which for me is my heart melter scene), going to the movies,...This is the problem with others in the household watching the drama. THEY DON’T MARK THE PLACE WHERE THEIR MOTHER PAUSES THE DRAMA! Unartige Kinder.

DeShonda: LOL OMG! The children will do better next time. I think it’s good that the children are involved and watch this series with you. It makes it more fun for all of you.

Wendilynn: Those darn kids. Lol How dare the drama be so enjoyable the kids want to watch it. *chuckles* What’s your feelings on how Bong So’s dad is handling his daughter’s predicament?

C.C.: Shin looks good in anything. Even tracksuits. And cleaning makes him even smexier. Although, I wish it was my kitchen not the gym that he cleans. Sorry I was distracted.. What was the question? How is dad handling his daughter being in love with a robot? Ummmm. Yeah. Let me get back to you on that while I try to unamericanize my answer. I will give it to you straight. Ish. straightish. I really don’t care what daddy thinks about it because there are people all over the world who order not as smart devices to um...take care of certain needs and here is a device who is obviously learning to love the one who loves him. Isn’t this falling under the title free love?

Wendilynn: *falls over laughing* Oh my gosh, I cannot believe you went there. I love it. Can I order a Kang Joon version to clean my kitchen? I love how decent they have made Robot Shin. He becomes so easy to care for and his devotion to Bong So just endears him more. I love that he feels that he needs to protect her from Shin. When he called her his person, I just melted all over.

DeShonda: I am enjoying So Bong’s father very much. I am glad that he is finally coming around and accepting that his daughter is in love with Robot Shin. It’s almost like he is clipping the wings of his little bird and letting her fly. It’s great to see. I was happy he did not bop her upside her head and instead tied her shoe. I love the interaction between Robot Shin and So Bong. It’s so cute.

C.C.: Oh DeShonda, your right! That was a sweet scene., and Wendilynn is once again correct. Melting is good. Very good. Unless you are a robot.

Until next time this is Wendilynn, DeShonda and I, C.C. Farmer saying see you soon because this show has us melted to the screen. Get it? Instead of glued to the screen we are melted. Hee Hee. Das is funny!

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