Human Shin is reeling from hurt and what he thinks is rejection and he’s out for blood. Robot Shin discovers that he might be too helpless to fight him alone… or is he? Join C.C.Farmer, DeShonda and I, Wendilynn, as we discuss the shocking events of these episodes of Are You Human, Too?

Wendilynn: My heart was breaking so much in these two episodes. I was both pissed and saddened by human Shin’s drop into madness. I was also saddened by Robot Shin’s discovery that it was possible for someone to take his will away.

C.C. Farmer: These episodes are not ones to try to do laundry, or dishes, or chases household occupants. Every nuance needs to be observed. Is that the Shin or AI Shin? Is that a subtle hint? Drove me crazy! I admit I have hope for AI Shin III being able to break free and be with his most treasured person but as for Grandpa I don’t have much hope. I think he has lost everything.

DeShonda: I was sad watching these episodes as well. I really hated that Human Shin was treating Robot Shin so bad. Human Shin using Robot Shin to do his dirty work….I did not like watching that at all. Grandpa was frustrating me these episodes. I could not help but to be mad at him.

Wendilynn: Grandpa is a monster. He is directly at fault for how Shin is choosing to behave. He’s backed Shin into a corner and he’s lashing out like a trapped animal. I can’t see his actions any other way. Of course, when he started using Robot Shin to hurt people, I started yelling at the computer. I kept yelling that his Bong So programming needed to kick in.

C.C.: We only have two episodes. Two episodes. How are we going to be able to have a redeemed Shin in two episodes? So much is being risked with this story line. The last two episodes are going to break or make this show. No pressure people.

DeShonda: I know right? I feel like we need a few more episodes or at least another season in order to see some redemption of Shin. I wonder how the writers are going to pull this one off.

Wendilynn: I want to see Director Seo razed to the ground. Learning that he strangled his best friend for money makes me want to throttle him right back. I don’t think Grandpa is aware that the fall wasn’t anything more than an accident. I don't’ think he knows he strangled him to keep him quiet. Not that he could do anything about it now. Director Seo has learned Grandpa’s lessons well. In a way, he’s the only one who truly became like Grandpa. Now it's up to Secretary Ji and Robot Shin to save Shin from the black hole he’s falling in.

C.C.: I think Grandpa knows. But once again because I was chasing household occupants I did not catch everything I should have. DO NOT LOOK AWAY FROM THE SCREEN. I agree with you Wendilynn that Director Seo is like grandpa. I didn’t think of it at first but now that you have said it. I agree. And I am very scared for Secretary Ji. I keep thinking of the episode where his doctor friend talked to him about getting treated. This could have been a red herring but now Secretary Ji is acting like he doesn’t give a darn and it makes me wonder. Will he be the next victim of the show?

DeShonda: I cannot stand Director Seo. I was wondering the exact same thing Wendilynn. I don’t think that Grandpa knows the situation at all. Oh I hope that Secretary Ji is not the next victim. I would be so heartbroken. LOL Don’t look away for too long C.C., the way this series is set up you could miss so much information.

Wendilynn: Man, I hope not. He’s the only stable person in Shin’s life. He understands more than anyone else the hurt Shin is going through and he feels so responsible for adding to it. He truly cares for Shin. For a heartbeat, when the idea of Shin’s father not being dead was still a maybe, I wondered if maybe he had escaped and gotten plastic surgery to hide himself and that’s why he cares for Shin so much. Sadly…. That hope was dashed the next episode.

C.C.: And back to what you said at the beginning. My heart was breaking in so many ways. David was one who I felt sorry for. Sigh. Oh Shin I want him to get better but I don’t want him to get with the leading lady anymore.

Wendilynn: David’s story is unfortunate. He truly cares about everyone. I’ll be surprised if Dr. Oh ever forgives him though. It does smack of major betrayal, except we know David’s heart is in the right place.

C.C.: Betrayal. Betrayal. Betrayal. There is much that is happening but the story never goes psycho but then again there are two more episodes. Hey friends, what was your favorite scene of these two episodes?

We are now set for the last two episodes. Did you watch them already? Make sure to check them out and we'll be back with our final review.

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