Robot Shin just wants to live with So Bong and not hide who he is anymore. This drives Nam Shin to get his hands on the kill switch and he’s just crazy enough to use it. Director Seo has been cheated out of his triumph and he’s going to add to his dead body count to finally achieve his dreams. Its all out war and Robot Shin will decide who wins. Join C.C. Farmer, DeShonda and I, Wendilynn as we flip over that trip of an ending in the last two episodes of Are You Human, Too.

Wendilynn: I have to admit, when Robot Shin announced who he was, and then revealed himself to the news, I wasn’t sure whether to be terrified or elated. I felt like this was forcing Nam Shin and Director Seo into a corner and you know what they say about cornered animals.

DeShonda: I was concerned when Robot Shin made the announcement. I was wondering how everyone in the room was going to take the news. I agree with you Wendilynn, It was forcing them into a corner big time. But I have to say that I was glad that he did reveal himself. It was like a weight being lifted off his back.

C.C.Farmer: I can’t help myself. These last two episodes I kept mimicking a college professor. “Alright class this is how a drama is written with ALL the Kdrama tropes and is still holds the characters inner selfs all the way through. Such as Kang So Bong. She would never forget what Shin did to her Robot Shin, so if they had gone with her getting together with him at the end I would have yelled at the screen. Although I did do that with the whole mother killed media sensation. Reporters have more integrity than what this show give them credit for.

Wendilynn: Sadly, I can’t agree with you on that. The 24hr gossip stations twist crap up all the time to keep viewers. They would have eaten up the dangerous robot angle. Robot Shin was right to warn So Bong that she could become a target being so close to him. However, Director Seo and Nam Shin were dangerous enough on their own. Although, I hate that it took Director Oh dying to make Shin wake up and be human.

DeShonda: Indeed. I was sad to see Director Oh go, but she did turn the other cheek because she was so mean before. She came through with Robot Shin’s Birthday Present though.

Wendilynn: That she did. She really did seem to get her priorities straight again. She tried to undo the harm she caused, but, I have a feeling Nam Shin would not have stopped hating her without her dying. He seriously needed a wake up call. He was spiraling so badly, I think he had more of a brain injury then they were willing to say because he was not acting rationally at all there at the end.

C.C.: Correction, the end before the end, before the end, end ending. LOL. I don’t know if anyone else has seen any Nadech Kugimiya thailand dramas but these last two really felt like those, but with better cinematography. I can safely say that this show did not leave any loose storylines. Or did it?

DeShonda: Oh absolutely Shin needed a wake up call...big time. Indeed he was out of control. I have seen some of the Nadech Kugimiya dramas C.C. and it does feel like those. Good observation. Loose storylines.....I think there may have been a few. I think it left room for a sequel.

Wendilynn: That ending….oh my gosh. I probably walked around my house for an hour afterwards just floored. First, I love that Robot Shin spent his last 8 hours of his life making sure Shin and his Mother got their last words of sorts. And then I loved that he made the very human choice to go save Shin. I was never more proud of Robot Shin choosing to save Human Shin over getting his kill switch stopped. And then taking the bullet meant for Shin so that Shin could be safe. I loved it. When he shook his head so slightly to keep Shin from giving himself away, I just loved him so much in that moment. He was showing the best part of what makes us human.

C.C.: SEQUEL! Our human Shin watches his robotic self exhibiting true love and with that sacrifice he has slowly picked himself up and became a better man. And I think he is in love with Kang So Bong but knows that he will never have a chance with her but he is willing to love her from afar, just like David and Secretary Ji (AKA Cute Guy) have loved throughout this whole drama. The layers of love that are built into this drama is tremendous. I think the sequel should be about human Shin getting a second chance at love.

DeShonda: BINGO Ladies! Wendilynn, you hit the nail on the head. I loved the ending so much. I have to admit I was in tears watching the ending. I loved that at the end, So Bong ended up with Robot Shin. I was happy that Human Shin was nice enough to build another robot version of himself for her. But I agree with you C.C., the layers of love throughout this series is incredible. All of the actors did a wonderful job and I enjoyed the writing and character development of our characters as well.

Wendilynn: I agree with you guys, there were some stellar moments in this drama. I love that Secretary Ji was never greedy. I love that nobody gave up on Shin, not even Robot Shin. However…. However….. I have one question left after watching the final scene… Did they give Robot Shin the ability to cry or are we dealing with another switch? I watched that last scene 5 times and I’m leaning towards new Shin being able to cry now, but I’m not above believing that human Shin wanted to be with So Bong instead and now Robot Shin is standing on that boardwalk with David and Secretary Ji. When I saw that tear, I just yelled, “WHAT?!!” over and over again.

C.C.: I didn’t think of that. Wendilynn, you know that the writers could have done that and now we are going to secretly have a love hate relationship with this show. I on the other hand first started to think that the robot is now more human and even though he won’t be able to track her with GPS he can now cry and have other emotions so that she won’t feel lonely on cold nights. And that is what I think.

DeShonda: I did notice the tear from Robot Shin and I was thinking that when he was rebuilt he now has the ability to have some feelings that he did not feel before. And that’s what Robot Shin wanted. He wanted to understand humans more and to feel different emotions. I am happy that he is now becoming as close to human as he can be.

Wendilynn: Robot Shin did want the ability to cry. I’ll give you that one. I agree that Nam Shin probably did feel he owed So Bong for all that she did for them. I’m still stunned by that tear though. That one is going to get me for awhile. Such a good drama, start to finish, it kept you in your seat. One to marathon if you haven’t started it yet.

What was your favorite part of this drama? Were you as surprised by that ending as we were? Can Robot Shin now cry or do you think Nam Shin is pulling another fast one? Tell us in the comments below.

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