Are you a fan of adventure shows? Do you fantasize about have an exciting new experience? There are a few Chinese adventure dramas coming out that will give you a whole new perspective. And you don't need to be interested in the field of archaeology to join in on the fun! Which new Chinese adventure drama do you want to see on DramaFever?

1. Candle in the Tomb

Star: Jin Dong from Nirvana in Fire, Joe Chen from Fated to Love you


Synopsis: Set in the 1980s, the novel follows former soldier Hu Bayi and his partner as they raid tombs in search of valuables. The two team up with an American archaeologist after they fall victim to a curse, and to release themselves from it they must seek clues found among ancient mythical sites across China. 

The title is derived from an old Chinese saying, credited by the author to genuine grave robbers: "A human lights the candle and the ghosts blow it out." According to Muye, grave robbers would place a candle in the south-east corner of a tomb after entering, in an attempt to make contact with the dead. If the candle was extinguished it was a sign that the spirits within opposed the intrusion, and the robbers would be obliged to depart, leaving everything intact and undisturbed.

2. The Adventure For Love

Star: Danson Tang from Murphy's Law Of Love, Eva Chen from Chronicle of Life


Synopsis: Xia Meng Xun, Tang Chao, and Bai Zhou are three individuals from rich families brought together by 3 mysterious Buddha statues. They embarked on an adventure filled with dangers to uncover their family secrets and find love in the process.

3. Old Nine Gates (The Mystic Nine)

Star: Lay(Zhang Yixing) from EXO, William Chen and Zhao Liying from Journey of Flowers

Synopsis: During the era of the republic, the town of Changsha was guarded by nine big families known as the “Old Nine Gates / Mystic Nine Clan”. They were incredibly powerful families who wield supreme power over everything in Changsha.

In year 1933, a mysterious train ended in Changsha station. The leader of the Nine Gates, Zhang Qishan / Fo Ye (William Chan) who was also the army commander of Changsha, started to investigate with Qi Tiezui / Ba Ye (Ying Haoming) and they discovered a highly suspicious mine just out of Changsha. In order to solve the mystery of the mine, they decided to engage the help of Er Yuehong / Er Ye (Zhang Yixing) who was an opera singer that came from a family of archaeologists. However Er Ye was reluctant to help them as his wife Ya Tou (Crystal Yuan) was terminally ill. In order to procure the medicine for treating her, Fo Ye travelled to Beiping with Er Ye, Ba Ye and Ya Tou and they met the young mistress of the hotel Ying Xinyue ( Zhao Liying) there. The five of them later returned to Changsha and discovered the how the mystery of the mine was connected to their families’ histories and the Japanese’s sinister plot against Changsha.


4. The Lost Tomb

Star: Yang Yang from Love O2O and Tiffany Tang from Perfect Couple

Synopsis: Wu Xie  is an antique shop owner who comes from a family of tomb raiders. As he continues the family trade with his team of tomb raiders, he finds lost treasures of the Warring States as well as the answers to the tragedies of his family’s past. With the help of his grandfather’s notes and his team – the quiet Zhang Qiling, the resourceful Pang Zi , the experienced Wu Sanxing, San Xing’s loyal helper Pan Zi,  and the skillful Ah Ning – Wu Xie sets out to find the lost treasures as well as the people responsible for the massacre of his family.

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