Who is she? We often call attention to dramas when we notice two actors who look alike, or when the same actor is appearing in different shows at the same time. What is your guess this time? Are we looking at two actresses who look alike, or the same actress appearing in two different Korean dramas?

<Spoilers Alert>

If you answered that they are the same actress, then you're right!

She is Korean actress Chae So Young. You can find her in two current dramas, Temperature of Love and The Package.

In Temperature of Love, Hong Ah (Jo Bo AH) has taken for granted the caring Won Joon (Shim Hee Seob), who has been waiting for her to reciprocate his love for 8 years. When she once again treats the sweet sous chef with her typically dismissive manner, Soo Jung (Chae So Young) can't take it anymore and firmly tells Hong Ah to "give this man to me." 

Her bold demand surprises both Won Joon and Hong Ah. Although she later tells Won Joon that she is just trying to help him out of an awkward situation, she also says she means what she says.

And viewers have fallen in love with the gutsy girl!  

Meanwhile, her character elicits just the opposite response in The Package.

In The Package, San Ma Ru (Jung Yong Hwa) goes on the packaged tour that is originally suggested by his ex-girlfriend, Oh Ye Bi (Chae So Young)

It turns out that the couple, although working for the same company, have different views over how to handle a corruption case made by the company. She caves in to higher management's demand, and Ma Ru eventually decides to break up with her.

The very likable 27-year-old (Korean age) actress will soon turn 28 on October 15.

We wish Chae So Young a happy birthday and a year with more delightful roles!

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The Package

Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee

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Have you caught other occurrences where the same actor appears in different current dramas?

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