Posters for Hyun Bin's comeback drama, Hyde, Jekyll, and I, have just been released, and I couldn't help but notice how stunning and excruciatingly hot Hyun Bin looks as both the mean-spirited Koo Seo Jin (Hyde) and the adorable, sweet Robin (Jekyll). Each character has a totally different style and persona, so this begs the question, are you Team Jekyll or Team Hyde? Or are you simply just Team Hyun Bin? Let's vote! 

Team Jekyll

This is the caring and supportive side of the character. He's the type of guy who tends to your sprained ankle (like last night's episode of Pinocchio), catches you when you somehow manage to fall in front of a truck, and gives you a picky back ride.  His slightly messy hair and soft facial expression make you want to lean in and kiss those delicious, smiling lips. But does he run the risk of being too good and falling into second male lead territory?

Watch Seo In Guk and Shin Sung Rok use face reading to place a rightful king on the throne in The King’s Face:

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Team Hyde

This is the hardened, conniving, bitter side of the character. He's the type to trip you and cause the sprained ankle, let the car hit you, and leave you to find your own way home when you get too drunk and need a piggy back ride. His piercing eyes accentuated by hard rimmed glasses (which only up the hotness level), and his perfectly fitted suit and styled hair add to the untouchable bad boy persona that many girls find hard to resist. But are you the type who has learned your lesson about touching fire and now likes to play it safe with the nice guy?

It looks like our female lead, Han Ji Min, may have a thing for both of them, but who will she choose in the end? More importantly, who would you choose? Are you #TeamJekyll or #TeamHyde? Comment below!

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