Happy birthday, Ariel Lin!  Ariel turns 32 on October 29 and is also getting engaged on the same day. Although she has had a string of popular romantic dramas with handsome leading men, ultimately the man who won Ariel's heart is a long-time friend, and their friendship turned into romance about two years ago. Fans are probably disappointed for the hot guys who co-starred with Ariel in her memorable romance dramas.

Ariel's fiance is not Joe Cheng from It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again, but Joe is a very good friend and knew about her engagement news in advance.  

Chen Bo Lin is not the fiance either, but he promised a big "red envelope" money gift just like the bet they had in their famous drama In Time With You.   (photo: fanpop)

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Her man is also not Feng Shao Feng, who played China's most beautiful man and warrior when he starred with Ariel in Prince of Lan Ling.

Here is Ariel with her real beau, Charles Lin, who runs a sports equipment business in California.  He proposed in London when Ariel was studying there last year. It's quite a lucky coincidence that they have the same initials "YCL," and it's embossed on their engagement invitation.

They are planning for a Christmas wedding. It is not known yet where Ariel Lin will live after the wedding.

The engagement is a great birthday present! We would like to congratulate Ariel and Charles and wish them a lifetime of happiness together. 

(photos: ent.qq, etoday)