This has been Ariel Lin's happiest year to date. She first got engaged on her birthday on October 29, and now her wedding has taken place on Christmas Eve. The wedding took place in Taipei, Taiwan, where there are many local customs and traditions when it comes to weddings.

According to tradition, the groom would have ridden a horse to pick up the bride from her home. Since it is Taipei in the 21st century, the groom, Charles Lin, rode in a cavalcade of a white BMW and five Mercedes-Benz luxury sedans to pick up Ariel from the Ambassador Hotel in Taipei.

Ariel's agent had previously told the media that no photos would be taken (by the media.) Of course when Ariel stepped out of the hotel, there was a throng of photographers. The wedding planners lined up umbrella guards who opened up their green umbrellas to block the photographers. Once she got into the car, she threw away a fan, symbolizing throwing away all the bad habits as she became a wife. 

The first destination of the bride and groom was to Charles's family home to pay respect to the ancestors. Again, they were surrounded by a crowd of relatives and friends, as well as reporters. After Ariel paid her ceremonial respects to the Lin family ancestors and visited Charles's parents, she and Charles returned to the Ambassador Hotel where the wedding was held.

A traditional wedding in Taiwan is not complete without a banquet with sumptuous food. While guests eat, the bride goes through several changes of dresses and also will go around with the groom to toast with the guests. (Here's the tip: the bride and groom are often served a non-alcoholic drink or they'd be too inebriated for their wedding night.)

As for their plans after the wedding? Ariel's agent was secretive about it. Previous reports had mentioned a honeymoon in the antarctic but it's also reportedly been postponed for a year. The agent would only say that Charles would shortly return to his work in L.A., and Ariel has to start a new movie. Such is the life of a busy two-career couple.

In the meantime, we would like to extend our best wishes to Ariel and Charles for their new beginning in life as husband and wife. May they live happy ever after.

~ NancyZdramaland

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