Popular actress Ariel Lin is returning to TV with a romantic drama after five years of absence. What has attracted her to star in Old Boy? The actress from Prince of Lan Ling and In Time with You has even cut her hair to give a fresh look that suits her new character. Take a look!

After the conclusion of the very successful historical romance Prince of Lan Ling, Ariel Lin entered a new chapter in her life over the past five years: She got married in 2015 in Taiwan to her long-time beau and now visits the U.S. frequently since it's where her husband is based for his business. She didn't retire, however, and has stayed busy in the entertainment universe. She starred in several films and even produced a short film called Trippin' in Taipei. She has appeared on variety shows, in commercial shorts, and hosted special events.

So it's with strong anticipation that fans welcome Ariel Lin back to TV land with her new romantic drama, Old Boy!

Ariel even cut her hair to present a fresh new look!

What is so special about Old Boy? How did it attract the actress who is known to be very selective about her works?

According to Ariel, she fell for the compelling story. Her character is a strong modern woman who, as a teacher, would go out of her way to help her students. She also gets to star with Liu Ye, one of China's top leading men, who plays a free-spirited pilot and man-child that has a lot of growing up to do.


Old Boy - 老男孩

Starring Liu Ye and Ariel Lin

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The new drama is slated to start on March 13. Add it to your watchlist now.

I find the pairing of Ariel Lin and Liu Ye very interesting and look forward to the new drama. How about you?

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