Arthur Chu is a Jeopardy! contestant who is like a problem that no one has an answer for. So far, in four appearances on the popular game show, the insurance analyst and actor has won $102,800 by playing Jeopardy! in a very unorthodox way.

The 30-year-old has a playing strategy which he calls the "Forrest Bounce," a style that was named after a 1985 contestant, Chuck Forrest. The style involves jumping around the Jeopardy! board instead of playing straight down the columns like most contestants, betting low, making weird wagers, and locating the Daily Doubles.

The point of playing the "Forrest Bounce" is to constantly keep ahead of your opponents and make sure they stay off balance. Chu has drawn both praise and fire from Jeopardy! enthusiasts, with some people calling him a "villain," and others referring to him as a "swag lord" or "hero." This video of Chu explains why he has chosen to play the game in such a unique way.

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