If you're looking for some sexy art, this artist has some artwork to show you. Known as "Lipstick Lex," Toronto-based Alexis Fraser creates beautiful portraits on canvases just by kissing them in all the right places. 

Calling her art form "kiss print pointillism," Alexis creates portraits by putting lipstick on her lips and kissing the canvas over and over again until the image she wants finally forms. Most of the time, she spends hours just kissing the canvas, but for finer details, she will paint with lipstick using her hands. She'll easily go through tubes and tubes of lipstick just to finish one painting, sometimes kissing a large canvas for weeks until she finishes a portrait. In 2014, she created a Marilyn Monroe piece, for which she spent four entire days kissing the canvas and using two tubes of lipstick. Now that's a lot of kissing.

Despite her passion for smooching, Alexis actually specializes in oil painting. She's absolutely amazing in that medium as well, of which you can see at http://alexisfraser.com. But if it's her lipstick work you want to see more of, visit http://www.lipsticklex.com or go to https://www.instagram.com/lipstick_lex/.


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