With the Avengers sequel premiering on May 1, excitement for the lovable superheroes is at an all-time high, and one surefire way to really honor the epic Marvel franchise is by illustrating them as the Eight Immortals from Chinese mythology. 

Chinese Weibo user Xia-a recently drew an incredibly detailed transformation of the Avengers into the Eight Immortals. The print shows the heroes crossing the ocean as the Immortals as well as individual close-up shots of each re-imagined Avenger. 

The Avengers crossover as the Eight Immortals makes an awful lot of sense, especially when you consider that the ancient mythological figures are known as symbols of prosperity and strength, much like the Marvel superheroes of today. 

Captain America as Zhang Guolao

Spider-Man as, well, Spider-Man 

Nick Fury as Han Zhongli

Thor as Han Xiangzi

Hawkeye as Lan Caihe and Black Widow as He Xiangu

Hulk as Cao Guojiu

Iron Man as Lü Dongbin

Loki as Li Tieguai

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