If all kids had crayons like these, they would never want to grow up. Artist Hoang Tran has started a company called Wax Nostalgic that magically turns run-of-the mill crayons into glorious pieces of art. 

The crayons are mostly pop culture figures like Star Wars and notable cartoon and television characters. But there are also footballs and even bride and groom crayons. You can also customize your own special crayons by emailing carvedcrayons@gmail.com.  

The pieces are sold on Etsy, but they also update their Facebook page regularly. Prices for the unique crayons vary, but the cost might be totally worth it. The specialized crayons are a genius idea that would make anyone, young or old, insanely happy. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Hello Kitty 

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Studio Ghibli/Spirited Away 

Game of Thrones 

Bugs Bunny 

Beauty and the Beast 

The Simpsons 


Captain America