By now you must have seen your favorite k-drama characters use LINE Chat or you may have seen LINE products placed in recent k-dramas like Oh My Venus and My Love from Another Star. The brand's adorable couple, Cony the rabbit and Brown the bear, have personalities and circumstances totally relatable to us. A graphic artist who goes by the handle @syo00i on instagram started an account full of comic strips around the couple and they are definitely worth checking out! Spoiler: Studio Ghibli and artist Murad Osmann get shout-outs too.

It is no secret that the LINE franchise is uber popular in Asia and for good reason. Artist @syo00i brings the characters to instagram and places them in everyday situations you just can't help but relate to.

While Brown the bear tends to be calm and mostly reserved (as depicted by his eternal expressionless face), his counterpart Cony the rabbit tends to be more energetic and displays a range of emotions that are hilarious. 

Check out some of the work by @syo00i below:

The viral trend of copying artist Murad Osmann's "Follow Me" did not escape Cony and Brown in this adorable photo: 

And last but not least, Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki get a nod with these adorable drawings: 

You can check out more of the artist's work here on instagram.