As the highly anticipated movie Gangnam Blues premiered on January 21 in South Korea and rose to be the box office leader, fans are pleased to learn that Lee Min Ho is giving love back to his adoring fans and doing a good deed at the same time. Here are the details:

Initial reports cite the Korean Film Council's information that Gangnam Blues came in first at the box office. It rose to #1, beating out the previous leaders, includling Ode to My Father, Big Hero 6, and Love Forecast

Gangnam Blues stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, and it's Lee's first major lead role on the big screen. 

Watch Kim Rae Won in the current series Punch:

With the good news in box office popularity and positive reviews pouring in, Lee Min Ho also made a heart-warming announcement on January 21. He is inviting 1,970 fans to a special screening for Gangnam Blues, with the number matching the Korean title, Gangnam 1970. Not only did Lee Min Ho came up with the idea himself, but he will also donate the proceeds to his charity platform, Promiz ( According to a representative for the actor, Lee Min Ho stated that he wanted to make an unforgettable experience for his fans. The event will be held on January 24 and 25 for the lucky fans.

If you want to attend, apply through Lee Min Ho's fan site at

Can this perfect man get any better? I wish I were in Korea right now. However, there is a second best option if you are in another country. Here are the film's release dates listed for North America (Canada and USA) and other Asian countries. 

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