Yay! Park Shin Hye has danced to K-pop girl group TWICE's "Cheer Up" on the set of Doctor Crush. The delightful star promised that she would dance to the hit song if her new drama reached 15% in ratings. The hot series easily surpassed the target and continues to stay in the lead. So it was time for Park Shin Hye to deliver, and she did! Watch her in these 2 videos.

In the video, Park Shin Hye took viewers around the set for Doctor Crush before launching into the dance, accompanied by Moon Ji In, her best friend in the drama. The two girls looked happy and relaxed. When the "Cheer Up" song started to play, Park seemed a little shy at first, but she quickly got into the moves. She also "sang a little" as she had promised.

Because they are at the drama's filming site, you can see some staff members coming out to watch. 

(And, did you catch someone who looked like Kim Rae Won going by behind them?)

After the dance, Park Shin Hye said, "We did our best, but I think this is as far as we can go. […] I feel like my soul has left me.” As she was broadcasting live via Naver's V Live, she read viewers' comments and said, “Sorry to all the TWICE members. I feel like I’ve ruined a great song. It’s sad," and thanked the viewers for watching.*

She also posted a longer video where you can see more of the bustling filming site in the first half of the video:

Wasn't that fun to watch? What do you think of her dance routine? 

In the meantime, catch up on our #1 new hit drama Doctor Crush right here:


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