With a trip to Bali right around the corner, the cast and crew of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon are all smiles, as seen in the latest exclusive photos from behind the scenes that have never been seen before.

With shooting just about done, and a week long, all-expenses-paid vacation to Bali coming up, life is looking pretty good for the cast and crew of JTBC's record-breaking show, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. They've all been together for at least six months now, with principal photography having started last October, and pre-production even earlier than that. So as you can expect, and as you can see onscreen (for the actors), everyone gets along like family, the chemistry on and off set is palpable. You can tell just by looking at everyone's faces, their vacation together in Bali is going to be a blast!

Case in point, below are a video and some previously unreleased photos of some behind-the-scenes footage, and all the smiles you'll see will be making you wish you could be invited to Bali, too! They're all leaving Korea on the 20th of April, so if you really wanted, you could book a ticket to Bali on the same day and just will yourself into finding the Strong Woman party at some point. They will be there for an entire week, after all. You should be able to find them if you had seven days to look, right? 

But since none of you are stalkers (hopefully), let's all settle for the cute video and photos of the cast and crew during the drama shoots below. To everyone who worked on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon that's planning on taking part in the group vacation . . . enjoy your trip!


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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Starring Park Bo Young and Kim Ji Soo

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