Have you ever felt like you're watching an Asian drama and see a Hollywood lookalike standing right before you? Or even vice versa while in a theater watching a Hollywood movie, and you see your favorite Korean actor on the big screen? Here are a few actors who seem to have a Hollywood counterpart, and it's kind of hard to explain until you get a good look at them or even see them in action!

1. Kim Moo Yeol and Matt Damon / Mark Wahlberg

Kim Moo Yeol (My Beautiful Bride) = Matt Damon + Mark Wahlberg if they had a child together. Or spliced their DNA together to make a clone. 

2. Wu Xiu Bo and Robert Downey Jr.

Goatee? Check. Eye twinkle? Check. Swagger? Check check. Mischievous smile? Triple, quadruple check! Wu Xiu Bo could not be more handsome than in Divorce Lawyers.

3. Kim Ah Joong and Jessica Alba

They exude the same confident air— and it's all in the mouth. (Just check out Kim Ah Joong in Punch!)

4. Lim Hyun Sung and Adam Devine

It's all about their charm — that bumbling charm. Lim Hyun Sung is just so great in My Beautiful Bride, but at least doesn't make as many embarrassing choices as Bumper does in Pitch Perfect.

5. Park Si Yeon and Scarlett Johansson

Sexy is as sexy does, whether as a single mother like Park Si Yeon in The Greatest Marriage or kicking ass as one of The Avengers like Scarlett Johansson.

6. Kang Hye Jung and Audrey Tatou

Pixie-like fairies who look better in short hair than long hair. In my opinion. 

7. Park Shin Hye and Amanda Seyfried

These starlets are moving further away from playing young teenage girls to more grown-up women onscreen. Gotta give a hand to Park Shin Hye for leaving shows like Heirs and moving on to roles like in Pinocchio.

8. Jang Dong Gun and Johnny Depp

Oooh that rascally smirk, so full of A Gentleman's Dignity.

9. CL and Natalie Dormer

Just look! That sass! That flair! They're like sisters from another mother!

10. Lee Ki Woo and Ansel Elgort

These are two fiiiiiiiiiiiine tall drinks of water. They can run their own Flower Boy Ramen Shop one day — preferably in my neighborhood please. 

Do you see the similarities? Are there others you would add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments, and check out Kim Moo Yeol and Lim Hyun Sung in My Beautiful Bride below: