Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook's new drama The Time I Loved You is getting into full swing with a romance between two next door neighbors who begin to recognize romantic feelings after 17 years of friendship. Stories about best friends falling in love can be some of the sweetest romances, and this drama isn't the first one to tackle the topic! Here are 7 Asian dramas about best friends who end up being more than friends.

Note: Countless dramas feature childhood friends or first loves reunited after years of being separated by death, amnesia, moving to America, etc., but these 7 are all stories of friends who were able to grow up together without meddlesome fate getting in the way!

1. The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

Starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook

Jang Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) and Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) are incredibly close platonic friends: throughout 20 years, they've braved it all through thick and thin. As Ha Na's 30th birthday approaches, Won extols the virtues of aging as a man—like a wine—while explaining that women are like grapes that shrivel into raisins. Determined to prove him wrong, Ha Na strikes a bet on which of the two will marry before turning 35.

2. In Time With You

Starring Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin

This is the original Taiwanese series on which The Time That I loved You is based. On Chen You Qing’s (Ariel Lin) 30th birthday, her best friend Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) sends her an email: Da Ren jokes that he’s a fine wine that’ll only get better with age, while You Qing is destined to become a shriveled old grape. Determined to prove him wrong, You Qing strikes a bet on which of the two will marry before turning 35. Within a sea of ill chosen suitors, such as a gay assistant and a cheating ex-boyfriend, You Qing is too frazzled to realize that Da Ren has been in love with her all along. You Qing’s true love has been by her side since high school, but can she ever view this platonic friendship as a romance?

3. 9 End, 2 Outs

Starring Lee Jung Jin and Park Soo Ae

9 End 2 Outs is a heartfelt and hilarious romantic comedy with a twist. Hong Nan Hee and Byun Hyung Tae have been best friends for 30 years. They cook for each other, call each other daily, bicker like siblings, and support each other when things go wrong. But everything is about to change. On her 30th birthday, Nan Hee realizes that she needs to shake things up. Tired of living with her mother, she rents Hyung Tae's house while he is on vacation, but complications arise and soon the two friends are living in the house together. As the old friends navigate new territory, they begin to discover things they never knew about each other—he's neurotic, she snores—but more importantly, they begin to discover what their friends and family have always suspected—that, without realizing it, they've been the most important people to each other all along.

4. Answer Me 1997

Starring Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk

It’s official: the 90’s are back! The warm glow of nostalgia lights up this delightful high school drama following a group of friends through those halcyon days of — you guessed it — the last glorious decade of the 20th century. This sweet drama is sure to please anyone who has fond memories of innocent kpop, Guess t-shirts and Super Nintendo.

5. Answer Me 1994

Starring Go Ah Ra and Jung Woo

Generation Y, meet Generation X: on the heels of the success of Answer Me 1997, ‘90s nostalgia continues with a prequel set in 1994. Journey with a group of college students as they discover the now legendary—then new—K-pop group Seo Taiji and the Boys, as well as the Korean Basketball League, "new" technology, and grungy fashion trends. Sometimes you’ve just got to look to your past in order to appreciate the present. Every generation is sure to find something to love in this field trip back into time!

6. Operation Proposal

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin

Kang Baek Ho has been friends with Ham Yi Seul for the past twenty years, but has never mustered enough courage to tell her his true feelings. Now, on Valentine's Day, it might be too late. He races to Yi Seul's wedding as her "man of honor" and sadly watches her marry another man, Kwon Jin Won. Full of regret, Baek Ho wishes desperately that he could have done things differently. Enter the Conductor—the man who can help fulfill Baek Ho's deepest desires. Able to control time, The Conductor sends Baek Ho back to high school for another chance at taking control of his own destiny. A sweet, youthful melodrama, Operation Proposal asks the question: If you had the chance to re-live the past, what would you change?

7. What's Up Fox

Starring Go Hyun Jung and Chun Jung Myung

What's Up Fox is a delightful romantic comedy in the tradition of Bridget Jones' Diary. Writer of lusty stories for a sex magazine by day and homebody who lives with her mother and sister by night, 33-year-old Byeong Hee has never had a boyfriend. All she wants is a relationship, a family of her own, and a little romance along the way—and a new job wouldn't hurt, either. But what she never expects is for her world to be turned upside down when her best friend's younger brother, a free-spirited mechanic, returns from traveling the world no longer the little boy she remembers, but instead sexy, full-grown man. When a night of drunkenness ends unexpectedly, Byeong Hee is suddenly faced with too many romantic options. Who will win her heart—the rich, playboy doctor, or the good-hearted, carefree mechanic? Funny, quirky, and unusually risqué, What's Up Fox is an enjoyable romp from start to finish.

Do you enjoy friendship-turned-romance dramas? Which one is your favorite? Are there others you would add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!